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icone Z-Zero

icone Z Zero 250x165 - icone Z-Zero

icone Z-Zero     Config file molcfg.enc 20/02/2017 Config file Playstore 11/1/2018 Reset Software 18/12/2017   To load our Config file now you can go to Settings => System and press 0229 It will load the file with no need for USB.

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icone IRON

icone IRON 250x165 - icone IRON

icone IRON   IRON_1.9.0 Full SW 09/09/2019 Picon icone Iron 3899 Channel 17.12.2018 IRON_1.7.38 Patch 08/10/2018 MediaFire IRON_1.7.38 Patch 08/10/2018 Mega.nz ICONE.Iron.PATCH.v1.6.21 05/03/2018 ICONE.Iron.PATCH.v1.6.20 25/04/2018 Boot  IRON_1.4.30_Boot Reset Software CleansingSW.ALL.UPseries_Iron IRON_1.6.0 New UI

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Icone IRON plus

IRON plus 250x165 - Icone IRON plus

IRON plus   IRON plus_1.9.0 Full SW 09/09/2019  IRONplus_1.7.38 Patch  08/10/2018  MediaFire  IRONplus_1.7.38 Patch  08/10/2018   Mega.nz ICONE Iron-Plus PATCH.v1.6.21 25/04/2018 ICONE.Iron-Plus.PATCH.v1.6.20 01/04/2018 LOADER_FAC.ICONE.Iron-Plus.FULL.v1.6.0

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icone i 15 250x165 - icone_i-15+

icone_i-15+       ICONE_i15+_20180910 WiFi 7601 ICONE_i15+_20180910 WiFi 5370 icone i-15+_W5370_20180426 icone i-15+_W7601_20180426 icone_i-15+_Wifi5370_20180417 icone_i-15+_Wifi7601_20180417 Activation Serveur Vanilla icone i-15+ 8899 DVB-S2 Multistream-Tuner H.265 / HEVC – HD and SD resolution Linux OS high resolution OSD menu BlindScan function with low symbol rate support WIFI & 3G Modem via …

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